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Science vs. Crap

P.Z. Meyers over at Pharyngula has a wonderful example of how the wacky creationists, in their desperate effort to oppose real science, endorse the most bizarre (and dangerous) ideas.

But wait, this isn’t the funny part. That was the boring typical part. Here’s where I started laughing.

I would not offend the bought and sold […]


Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Today is Darwin Day! Let’s all raise a pint (or your beverage of choice) in honor of the man who helped make modern biology what it is today. In fact, raise two, because this one is special: The 200th anniversary of his birth, and the 150th anniversary of the publishing of The Origin of Species. […]


So you think you’ve got it bad?

Most people have heard of postsecret, the site that publishes anonymous confessions sent in by readers.

I just found another site, maybe you’ve seen it before, that has a different mission: tell the world how rotten your life is. It’s called F*** my life. I just had to share this one:

Today, my girlfriend broke […]