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Science vs. Crap

P.Z. Meyers over at Pharyngula has a wonderful example of how the wacky creationists, in their desperate effort to oppose real science, endorse the most bizarre (and dangerous) ideas.

But wait, this isn’t the funny part. That was the boring typical part. Here’s where I started laughing.

I would not offend the bought and sold fascists who regulate the health industry in America by offering medical advice,

Wait for it. You just know with a lead-up like that that what he is about to do is…offer medical advice.

Further down…

Fasting is recommended to be done for a few days, during which time only juice or water should be drunk and some herbal laxatives. An appendix problem is much more serious if there has been a perforation. If there has been an infection caused by a perforated appendix, antibiotic-like herbs should be taken in very heavy doses. Purple coneflower (or echinacea, echinacea purpurea, pallida and angustifolia) and garlic (Allium sativum) are recommended. A light massage of the abdomen would help at this point, but it should only be done with great care, if there is inflammation.

This guy is actually prescribing enemas and herbs for a perforated appendix?

The mind boggles. I sincerely hope that no deluded parent is stupid enough to try these “remedies” on a sick child. That would take this from laughable to criminal.


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